World Storytelling Café

“Stories are seeds that are carried on the wind to the ears of those who need them” E. Marks

“We find ourselves in a unique situation with hundreds of millions of people self-isolating, separated, yet at the same time more connected than ever through the internet and social media. We’d like to harness those technologies and invite you to join us in this online venue.

With your support we hope we can develop a community, our place to hang out, relax, meet friends old and new, and most important listen to some of the best storytellers in the world.

At the same time these tellers, many of whom are self-isolating themselves, will have an opportunity to practice their craft and potentially earn a little money in challenging times. If you can afford it please don’t be shy to contribute as the hat is passed.  Every pound, penny, dollar, dirham, euro or cent is hugely appreciated and goes direct to our tellers.

You’ve heard enough from the festival organisers, without further ado….. The Show Must Go On!”
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