Works at Moseley Park

Some may have noticed works being undertaken in Moseley Park; these include essential tree works, and restoration of the main footpath:

“We commissioned a tree survey of the Park in late summer 2020. This identified a small number of trees that are diseased and need to be removed, and other trees that need to be pollarded or reduced in height to make them safe. The Park will remain open throughout, although at times some areas will be cordoned off for your safety. In January 2020, we sent out a questionnaire to help us plan much-needed improvements to the fabric of the Park. Footpaths came out as your number one priority. In December we appointed a landscape designer to draw up plans to restore the footpath from the main Alcester Road gate to the Pool. We’re very excited by what we’ve seen so far, and early in the new year we’ll be unveiling the design and launching a major fundraiser. This is going to be the biggest project the Park has undertaken since we became a charity in 2006.”

 Updates on the works to the park will be given on Moseley Park and Pool’s website here.