Water-Safety in Birmingham Parks

Birmingham City Council is keen that all visitors to Birmingham’s parks enjoy their visit. However, they have rightly emphasised that it is important for our own safety to follow the water-safety rules.

Birmingham City Council has a detailed Water Safety Policy that has been developed in consultation with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). The policy does not support or approve the use of any area of open water for swimming, unless it is organised through a bona fide organisation that have satisfied the appropriate health and safety criteria.

Birmingham’s outline water-safety rules are:

  • never swim or play in public lakes, reservoirs, rivers, canals or any other form of open water
  • never allow children to play near water without an adult present
  • do not run by the water – you may trip and fall in

If you see someone in trouble in the water:

  • never jump into the water yourself
  • keep calm and throw them something that will float, e.g. a lifebuoy if one is available
  • phone for help

While enjoying our local parks safely, we’re also asked to remember that personal fires or barbecues are NOT allowed in public parks or green open spaces, and that in warmer weather we must remember to protect ourselves and children with appropriate sunscreen and shade.