Volunteering with Chamberlain Highbury Trust

With the launch of Highbury’s Gardens Project “The Chamberlain Highbury Trust are offering practical outdoor volunteering sessions to restore the gardens & woodlands of the estate. Training is provided in the use of tools & the principles of woodland management. Volunteers will pre-book for half day sessions.

  • Enjoy some physical outdoor work.
  • Have fun with other members of the team.
  • Learn more about your local park
  • Remove pest/invasive species.
  • Increase biodiversity and improve habitat.
  • Tidy the gardens/woodlands of the estate.

Funded by The Lottery and Historic England
Working with Birmingham City Council and Sustainable Life

For more information and to book a session click here.  Most of these sessions will be on Wednesdays but there will also be some weekend sessions to get everyone who wants to onboard.

If you can, please come along to the Heritage Open Day event on 13th September to find out more about CHT’s latest plans and spread the word to friends and family about this really exciting project. There is lots to do and we want to get loads of people engaged with the fantastic improvements being made at Highbury.”