Volunteers Required (do not delete)

Thanks so much for your offer of help.

Some people, especially the elderly, are having to self isolate in Moseley and some are vulnerable in the situation we are experiencing with COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Moseley would really appreciate your help.

Moseley Together is a network of local support organised by Moseley Community Development Trust, working with the ward Councillors and various community volunteers.

We have put together a network of volunteers and co-ordinators across Moseley, and split into them into polling districts to make it manageable for everyone. We have also included some safeguards and considered ways for neighbours to help each other. When a request comes in, a local coordinator puts the person in touch with a local volunteer and does a quick check afterwards with both parties for any feedback or issues.

If this sounds OK and you’d like to volunteer please complete the form below.

Thank you,
The Moseley Together Team

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