Top Tips for When a Household Member Tests Positive

Having a member of your household test positive for COVID-19 doesn’t mean the rest must catch it. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of the virus spreading in your home.

These are especially important if you have a clinically vulnerable household member:

  • Keep to separate rooms, if possible
  • Clean shared facilities such as the bathroom or kitchen with anti-bacterial products
  • Stagger mealtimes among household members if you can
  • Ventilate rooms by opening windows. Let fresh air in and potential virus particles out
  • Wash hands more often – for 20 seconds with soap
  • Catch coughs and sneezes in tissues (not hands). Put used tissues in the bin and wash hands
  • Use separate towels and cutlery to those of other household members
  • Wear a mask indoors in communal spaces until the isolation period is complete
  • Don’t let anyone else into your home or leave the house if you are supposed to be isolating. This is also law.