Threading Tales Together

Following on from the earlier Community Catalysts Valuable not Vulnerable project,  we are keen to capture the stories of those individuals who have been shielding, their families, friends and volunteers who have supported them. We are hoping for a cross section of ages and heritages. We are exploring themes of identity and life before Covid19 and the skills, personalities and experiences that have been contained away but make a person valuable.

The stories can be collected in various ways and are sculpted through a set of questions. These can be explored by email, pen and paper, letters, telephone, zooms, 1:1 walks. Children and families can take part, we also have volunteers and bilingual speakers to assist. This project is centred around an individual approach with the participants leading the way.

The themes and interests of the individual can then be offered to be explored through different creative mediums working with a host of artists that include a photographer, textile artists and poets. The individual can share in the creative process or choose not to.

Artwork and stories that are created will then form an exhibition that will begin at Moseley Road Baths and other locations across the Hall Green Constituency, including being part of Moseley Festival in July.

The project is funded and nurtured through Brum Recovery, Moseley Community Development Trust, Community Catalysts and Moseley Road Baths.

More information on the Threading Tales together project and how to take part: