The Potato Project is Slow Food in action and we still need your help

 * You can support the project financially and share the link with friends and family. We are asking people to buy 10kg of potatoes for £10, donating 8 of those kilos into the food emergency ( or all if you wish) and then collect 2kg from selected Birmingham locations in the coming weeks. we are only offering Birmingham pick up as the logistics and cost of sending potatoes is unrealistic. Visit our website for full details.
Come and help sort and peel potatoes as part of our Potato project. Because we believe no food should go to waste, we are peeling and prepping the “not so perfect” spuds and sending the peel to compost at various community garden projects across the city. Here is the signup link to help. If you can’t come to Ladywood we can send you a tub of spuds to peel from home.

See here also for a breakdown of costs and funding