The Great Big Art Exhibition

“Take part in the largest exhibition ever staged!” Following on from the homemade rainbows many of us put in our windows during the first lockdown, and the increased popularity of making art throughout the last year, we’re all invited to take part in “The Great Big Art Exhibition”.

During The Great Big Art Exhibition, we’re encouraged to put our homemade artworks in our front windows, balconies or front gardens, to create a “magical patchwork of creativity”. To get involved, and to receive a free inspiration pack, with ideas and themes to get you started, register here. Artworks can be made by any age group, in any medium, and can also be shared on social media to be displayed in the online gallery here.

The project is led by Colchester art gallery, Firstsite, and is supported by Arts Council England and the Plus Tate Network of leading museums and galleries across the UK, as well as some famous artists including Antony Gormely, Sonia Boyce and Anish Kapoor. Amy Vaughan, Arts Council Director, East of England said: “We can’t wait to see exciting new artworks popping up around the country and bringing a smile to people’s faces in their local communities.”