The Chamberlain Highbury Trust Recruitment of Chair

Since its creation in 2015/16, the Chamberlain Highbury Trust (CHT) has provided vastly improved management and focus on the refurbishment and management of Highbury Hall and Estate. It has also developed plans to repurpose this historic site to the benefit of all our citizens, but particularly focused on citizenship education for young people.

The Trust is looking for a new Chair to take over the leadership of the organisation on, or before, the end of March 2022 following an introductory 9 month period as a board member. The CHT will also be recruiting a number of new trustees to take up forthcoming vacancies on the Trust.

The Board currently comprises 10 members from a variety of backgrounds, including two Birmingham City Councillors whose appointments are a requirement of the Trust’s Memorandum & Articles dated 30th April 2016. CHT was registered with Companies House and the Charity Commission in 2016. The Trust enjoys the support of 4 patrons; Tristram Hunt, Sir David Eastwood, Anita Bhalla OBE and Col. Oliver Chamberlain.

For more information see the job description here or their website here.

The CHT is also looking for Youth Board Members aged 16-25 years to support the work of the Trust and offer education and youth perspectives on the work of the Trust. Once Covid restrictions are lifted, volunteering opportunities will be available again, including within their “Highbury’s Gardens” project.