Tech Tent – Learning To Code During Lockdown

This BBC World Service programme first broadcast on 17 April contains many suggestions about how people of all ages can learn to code, although the programme featured a family with children in primary school. Click here for details.

The family started with

“There were several recommendations for the simple visual programming language Scratch, which could be a good place to get young children started.

After Scratch, many move on to Python, with free courses available online from Code Academy.

The UK’s hugely successful Raspberry Pi project has been enjoying near-record sales over the last month. The project has plenty of coding ideas on its blog.

“People wanting to try something a bit different could give a BBC MicroBit a go,” another told me. “They have lots of nice interactive things (lights, buttons and sensors), and can be programmed from a tablet.”

Tech giant Microsoft offers a website full of project ideas for the MicroBit.

UK-based site Code Today has weekly online coding courses aimed at children.

And one tweeter has introduced their 10-year-old daughter to the Khan Academy: “I asked her which subjects she would like in addition to maths and science and such. She chose Javascript.”