Tatreez Robe Concert: April 19th 7pm, St Columba Church

The Tatreez Robe is a collection of spoken word, poetry & music shared with you by an ensemble of creatives. A passage which transcends through heritage, faith & gender and references the story of a young woman…. Dahlia. Her spiritual awakening through her journey to Jerusalem, and the unfolding of events. Set pre and post October 7th 2023, within the occupied territories of Palestine. The essence of this abstract piece conceptualises the fluidity between the Christian, Islamic & Judeo faiths. This evening will welcome you with music recorded by the late Wasif Jawariah, Palestinian musical maestro, one of the greatest oud players of his time. Performance time approximately 1hr 30mins, including 15min break where fresh mint tea and baklava (Middle Eastern pastries) will be available. (If you have food allergies please take this into consideration.) Tickets available here.