Storytelling Session – How The Butterflies Came To Be

Join local storyteller, Sharon Carr, when she tells the First Nation story of How the Butterflies Came To Be – the Story of Joy.

“To create our own Joy, we would very much like you to either create your own Sack of Creation, using any materials like paper, cloth, etc or you could bring paper (size A4) and draw an animal, the Sun, a butterfly or whatever you wish to create, colour it in and on the day, fold it into a fan. Tie it in the middle and from that, we can create either a butterfly or bird. You can also bring a favourite object and we can add it to our Sack of Creation. Audience participation is expected and we will end our session with a massive Noise-Off so please bring your voices, musical instruments and any other noise-makers and let’s make Joyful Noise!”

This free interactive storytelling session will be held via Zoom tomorrow, Sunday 28th March 3pm to 4pm, and can be booked here.