Somatic Yoga and Art Session, Creative Connections: June 22nd, Moseley Hive

Join Sophie Rey for an explorative Somatic Yoga & Art Workshop to brighten your soul, connect to your body and breath and explore your creative side in a safe, welcoming environment. Sophie will guide you through a gentle Somatic Yoga practice, helping you connect to your body with compassion, and find joy in movement, followed by a short guided meditation to help create a calm and receptive state of being, encouraging more clarity and imagination; very much needed for making art. ​Finally, brighten up your soul & connect to your creative side with a colourful and expressive art session; which includes watercolour paints, oil pastels and collage. Sophie will guide you through some initial warm up practices, providing tips and techniques, and will encourage you to try out a few different materials. You will then have the opportunity to create your own Summer Solstice inspired affirmation card!  £5 to book here.