Roadmap Out Of Lockdown

Please see the message below, forwarded from Dr Justin Varney, Director of Public Health Birmingham

Dear COVID-19 Community Champion

The announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown yesterday was welcome news. It is the point to which you’ve all been working since we began the scheme in September.

 Of course, by now you’ll have learned that there is still a way to go. The dates in the roadmap are dependent on many factors, including case rates and vaccine uptake.

And as we look ahead to the likely effects of long-Covid, and the impact the pandemic has had on physical and mental health, it’s clear there is also still more to be done.

 With that said, we are encouraged by what we’ve managed to achieve through this scheme so far. It proves there is great potential for this method of distributing essential health messages across the city, and I look forward to your help in exploring it further.

 But for now, it is important for me and the Healthy Brum team to take a moment to say thank you. Not only for helping those in your communities to understand our messaging, but for helping us to better understand your communities. You really are making a difference.

  Thank you.

 Dr Justin Varney, Director of Public Health Birmingham