Preventing Garage Burglaries

With the weather warming up, and the easing of lockdown restrictions allowing us to get back to some normality, West Midlands Police asks us to give some thought to crime prevention.

Ahead of the long summer months we need to be making sure we are keeping our garages and garden sheds secure. Many of our sheds contain a lot of high value items such as tools, mowers, bikes etc. We’re reminded that these storage areas are really an extension of our homes and the same level of security should apply. Tools taken from garages and sheds are often used by offenders to further break and enter into our homes, and we must take care to prevent this from happening.

Please make sure you are securing your sheds, garages and outside storage, not forgetting allotments, with strong bolts and padlocks. Ensuring good security lighting where necessary is always a bonus.  All these things will help deter thieves. You can visit the West Midlands Police website here for specific crime prevention please advice.