Please share news of what your local group is doing

The suggestion for people to share news of local groups who have got together recently has come from residents in Sovereign Way (a cul-de-sac off Trafalgar Rd).

‘We have an active WhatsApp group and have enjoyed not only Thursday evening clapping, but distanced outdoor exercise, arranged visits of a coffee van with delicious cakes and even enjoyed a distanced Eid party together, with bubbles for the children! Some of us have played table tennis and we are now collecting contributions for the Food Bank organised by Thrive Together Birmingham – which we heard about through the Moseley Together newsletter’.

It would be interesting to hear what others have been doing. Please send in stories and ideas to share to

It is of course easier to organise activities such those described in Sovereign Way in a cul-de-sac, but you should not be deterred if you don’t live in such a road. These days it is easier than it used to be to create an Active Street event by means of a road closure. Advice can be found here.

While visiting The Active Wellbeing Society website, please explore the #BrumTogether page.