No. 1 / 1A bus service

A helpful message from a member of The Moseley Society: “From the end of March the 1/1A has been running on a Sunday timetable which means that there is only one bus per hour to and from the QE. The 1A comes at half past the hour in Moseley Wake Green (a couple of minutes later in the Village, but there are so few passengers that it pays to be a few minutes early!) It returns from the QE bus station at 10 minutes past the hour. The number 1 to Moseley Village / Bristol Road / Five Ways goes through Moseley on the hour. The return buses reach Moseley Village at 26 and 56 minutes past each hour.
Passengers are usually good at spacing themselves out – but do wear gloves for the handrails.
I had to go to the QE for my regular Warfarin blood test last week (which has been moved to a health bus on the university car park on Pritchatts Road) and the door to door journey took 2.5 hours!”