Neighbourhood Watch – Protect Your Car

Car crime is a real problem in the UK, with one car being stolen every ten minutes including both new and old cars. The vast majority of car crimes happen through unlocked cars, parked in badly lit areas and where there are visible items to steal.  With Covid-19 and the recent lockdowns, many people aren’t driving or checking on their cars as much as they used to. Neighbourhood Watch has launched a campaign to remind car owners to remain vigilant about where and how they park their cars, in order to keep them safe.

The good news is that there are simple steps everyone can take to help keep their vehicle safe, by leaving “locked, lit and empty”:

  • LOCKED: A simple mistake that can prove calamitous, 44% of cars are broken into via an unlocked door. Leave your car locked video.
  • LIT: 80% of car crime occurs during the evening or at night. Parking near street lamps or in a busy area can deter thieves. Leave your car lit video.
  • EMPTY (or with no items on show): Owners often forget that personal belongings within the car are at as much risk of being stolen as the car itself.   Leave your car empty video.

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