Moseley Park and Pool

“The Trustees of Moseley Park and Pool are pleased that it has been possible to keep the Park open so far to help users enjoy their one outside exercise session per day that the Government currently allows. Although there is no Farmer’s Market on Saturday, the Park will be open to all, again to support exercise sessions, especially for those without gardens. But it is very important to note that during the Coronavirus emergency, social gatherings and other non-essential activities of any kind are against Government regulations and are not permitted in the Park. Similarly, using the Park as a venue to consume alcohol is not permitted and any individuals or groups using the Park for this purpose will be asked to leave. Sadly, during these difficult times, the Park is not open to facilitate ‘an afternoon out’ and it will have to be closed if users ignore the regulations or do not observe strict social distancing. To facilitate the latter, the Trustees advise that, while taking exercise, Park users should walk or run clockwise around the Pool as the Salisbury Road path is too narrow to make two-way traffic compatible with social distancing. Appropriate signage will be erected next week. We hope that by continuing to observe the regulations and public health guidance, users will be able to enjoy the Park for their exercise sessions during this emergency.”