Big thank you to all the volunteers, local businesses, workshop leads, groups and community who helped create our beautiful and colourful 50th Moseley Community festival. With minimum budget and changeable weather we created a pocket of fun, creativity and good vibes.

Thursday the high street was filled with music and movement with an energetic Ceilidh and Morris on the green. Friday’s underwater party saw children head off into their imagination in the wonderful Moseley Park and Pool, along with the donated life size mermaid.

Our famous street fair was back lining the high street and had over 40 different groups and local makers, plus yummy food from across the world.  Maison Mayci turned their back garden into a snuggly den of local music and good vibes well into the night; big-up 20 years of having David and Remi making delicious French treats for us and organising Backyard Beats.

We explored our first street closure on Sunday with play, music and dance and from the mouths of the kids ‘I wish the cars were not here, so we could play!’ Thank you to the residents of King Edward Road for their help in making this happen.

Our festival very much relies on people’s power to bring it to life, if you can lend your time for next year please do get in touch; it will only be as big as the community commitment that it has.