Meeting Minutes : 08.04.20

Meeting Minutes : 31.03.20

Meeting: Moseley Together.
Date: 8th April 2020, 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM, Online, Zoom.
Chair: Cllr Kerry Jenkins
Minutes: Fai Kun
Attendees: Fiona Adams (FA), Lorna Brewster (LB), Ian Cuthbert (IC), Simon Foster (SF), Kerry Jenkins (KJ), Bharat Karavadra (BK), Izzy Knowles (IK), Fai Kun (FK), Sean Write (SW)
Apologies: Emily Jewett (EJ), Rhiannon Simpson (RS)

Agenda Items

  1. Apologies.
  2. Recording
  3. Support & Funding – LB not massive amount to say, already sent info on whatsapp, 2k from ST and 1k from (?), sent 2 funding applications and also just some funding for charities through lottery fund has been announced.
    Trying to keep track of what we’re getting and once we know a bit better where we are then we can think about allocation – take stock in a few weeks.
    KJ to continue sending LB funding info and opportunities
    SW asked LB and KJ to forward funding opportunities for Balsall Heath – LB happy to help with applications.
    Person Responsible: LB
  4. Daily Newsletter Progress –
    FA not much to add as all is visible on website
    BK has revamped website and organised it more – it is more accessible
    IK and LB says how great website looks
    KJ thanks BK and FA for newsletter and website
    BK asks LB if she would still like to specify what type of support community has been offered which may be something to look at in a couple of weeks’ time
    KJ asks if IC can do another graphic to display this
    IC happy to do this
    KJ also wants IC to do more SM graphics
    BK wants to add list of resources on website
    FA has collated a list
    SW would like to collate a list and share with Balsall Heath
    RS has been working on this
    LB says Angie might help with this as she has close links with community – might be good for Angie to join these meetings and all in agreement with this
    Person Responsible: N/A
  5. Nursing Homes – PPE
    IK – someone who volunteers at a nursing home contacted IK that nursing home struggling with PPE
    BK and FK put it out on website and SM and had lots of responses
    IK phoned all nursing homes in area and found ones that need PPE
    IK asked if FK can sew some – FK and KJ happy to sew and Moseley Mutual Aid whatsapp members have prev offered to sew too
    KJ and IK to discuss the funding issue and initiatives they can support
    SW asks are handmade ones okay and IK specifies that one care home have asked for 5 handmade ones specifically
    SW to put message out on Whatsapp
    FK to send KJ sewing pattern
    Person Responsible: IK
  6. BH Project & Community Involvement
    SW asked about list of signposting things and make a shared drive with Balsall Heath
    LB can create folder and give access to everyone
    SW asks about ID discussion – resolved?
    IC has done research and wants to offer it as option to volunteers and if we don’t offer it we are discriminating – it doesn’t need to be mandatory
    IC suggests councillors number to be the contact number for police if volunteer stopped
    KJ happy with this
    BK under impression ID not needed
    IK spoke with police and they can’t cope with the different ways of volunteers doing IDs though happy with letters
    Volunteer has been stopped by guard as did shopping for 2
    IK happy with IC’s idea of optional volunteer ID/letter
    KJ also stresses the idea of the option being available
    IC happy to create a letterhead to offer it to volunteers and make it clear it is available as it’s not just the police but as FK’s experience suggested from last week it’s the general public too
    SF agrees that if someone feels reassured by having the letter then important to provide – we don’t want situations where volunteers feel awkward when challenged
    LB – how do we make the letter as simple and as legitimate as possible and we don’t know volunteers that well – possible to date this ID with an app?
    Person Responsible: SW
  7. IK concerned if we advertise on website that we will provide IDs people may sign up just for the ID
    BK responds to LB’s query of dated ID by creating unique ID
    KJ specifies the difference between issuing and offering IDs
    IC says that if anyone wants to abuse the ID they would have done it with all the information we have already put out
    SW says we can add an expiry date to letters
    Action to be taken – Ian to create letter
    IK happy with current safeguards in place to “vet” volunteers
    SW asked how do they verify volunteers as Balsall Heath are starting that process now – IK says the info they put in when they register to volunteer is easy for them to go back and check. We haven’t been going and asking for ID though some volunteers have emailed their DBS. Before they give volunteers tasks they speak to them on phone and always do a follow up with volunteers and people who have been helped.
    LB – if we recognise a particularly vulnerable person asking for support we make sure we link that person with a volunteer who has given a dbs or is known to us. Volunteers are reimbursed for their shopping and don’t take cash from person they’re supporting beforehand.
    SW asks what we have done to increase community involvement
    FK – hasn’t yet set up any coffee mornings, to coordinate with IK, KJ and SF to create this
    BK asked if businesses need support
    SW happy that the WhatsApp group was added on letter as more people have joined since
    SW asked if we are going to create street WhatsApp groups – IK happy to liaise with SW on this
    LB knows someone who has set one up on their road but important we collect ideas but take care of ourselves at the same time – pace ourselves
    KJ has said we are all volunteers, no hierarchy and we are human and have our own commitments
    IC says FB group is quite underused and would be good to create
    FK says yes, need to focus on creating that as a space for open discussion with volunteers and wider community
    FA was added to a whatsapp group and received a lot messages and left shortly after and feels we’re doing fine and anything more will complicate it too much.
    Person Responsible: N/A
  8. Any other Business
    LB – FA has put LB in touch with palliative care unit and will be powerful stuff for the group to draw upon so this is something LB can report on in a few weeks
    IC – well done everyone, agreed with LBs point earlier about pacing ourselves
    IK – B13 mag wants to do a write up about us, photo about us
    BK – write about more outstanding experiences
    FA – Mos Society creating an obituary page on website of people who have died not only because of virus but died of causes that couldn’t be treated because of virus
    SF – well done to everyone
    KJ – actions, IC letter, mask call out, involvement on FB group, signposting google drive for Balsall Heath – Moseley resources
    Person Responsible: All

Action Items
1. Angie to join Moseley Together Meetings
2. SW to put call out for facemasks on Whatsapp
3. FK to send KJ sewing patterns
4. IC to write volunteer ID letter
5. FK to liaise with SW, IK, KJ and SF regarding online community café sessions
6. All to increase involvement on FB group
7. LB and SW to create shared drive for Moseley Together and Balsall Heath to share resources

Next Meeting: TBC on Whatsapp

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