Meeting Minutes : 31.03.20

Meeting: Moseley Together.
Date: 31st March 2020, 5:15 PM – 7:00 PM, Online, Zoom.
Chair: Cllr Kerry Jenkins
Minutes: Fai Kun
Attendees: Fiona Adams (FA), Fai Kun (FK), Lorna Brewster (LB), Ian Cuthbert (IC), Simon Foster (SF), Kerry Jenkins (KJ), Emily Jewett (EJ), Bharat Karavadra (BK), Izzy Knowles (IK), Rhiannon Simpson (RS), Sean Write (SW).
Apologies: None

Agenda Items

  1. Introductions completed.
    Person Responsible: All
  2. Daily News Overview – FA has had a lot of stuff come in for tomorrow – news varies day to day. FA says we’re in this for long run and would like new way of organising this so news could be organised in sections with topics. Laborious to search for items. BK says he’ll add a search option and believes categorising might be a good idea. RS happy to categorise information with FA as is already working on lists. IK agrees with BK’s idea of categorising. SW & KJ suggest tagging would be ideal as well. BK said happy to assist FA with any IT concerns. KJ happy to send emails from BCC to FA on Whatsapp.
    Person Responsible: FA
  3. Social Media Updates
    FK gave Twitter & Facebook follower numbers and insights
    FB Page – 250 followers
    FB Group – 139 members
    Twitter – 147 followers
    FK wants more engagement on group and has asked others to push the page and group on SM amongst friends/family.BK agrees and points out that people are interacting more on Whatsapp and there’s a lot of tools they’re already using to communicate. Confusion between Page and Group.
    IK has said she will do more on FB and get person on Moseley Forums to share more.
    KJ points out that people on FB already engage a lot in Moseley on groups so we need to share more things on existing groups.
    SW will send FK a driving engagement document/link.
    Person Responsible: FK
  4. Council financial support of work of Moseley Together – CDT.LB sent message on Whatsapp group about email last week from city council saying we’re a part of pioneering awards and we may get 1k – whilst it’s for indicative costs but things may change so to put a formal grant in of terms and conditions and will hopefully get some funding to use during this time.
    KJ said funding bham live are involved in may be something LB could look at. Some other funding pots as well out there. LB says CDT pride themselves on not being too heavily dependent on grants and want to be self-sustainable. Income has stopped however due to Covid-19 and concerned of staff costs. Want to tap into pots available to help with costs during this time and wants us to think about MT past current climate.
    SW asked if LB could be funding specialist for Balsall Heath – LB said St Pauls (?) might be worth looking at. IK has discussed this with Rachel from Balsall Heath. IC thanked CDT and LB for all that they are doing.
    Person Responsible: LB
  5. Hand wash Video & ID Discussion – IC says idea was to get more engagement but it hasn’t had much so we need to push it. BK said we should have faces in the video. EJ LB could email Moseley Exchange to do some videos. IC talked of importance of having a wider representation of the community – to post in everything Moseley, mutual aid group, and among friends.
    ID discussion – KJ – letter from Dev for pharmacy drop offs.
    IK has reservation for IDs as believes there will be a logistical problem as it may be abused. Police won’t agree with any form of ID, it has to be a valid form of ID. Volunteers set up so neighbours are helping neighbours. Agrees with pharmacy letter but not any other kind of ID.
    SW – not many of those in this call will be affected by not having ID. Discussed nationally that it is a cause of anxiety for others. ID will only be used to show police. IK is concerned that MT logo will be abused. SW – given we’re in contact with police we can show them the ID beforehand. IK says volunteers will be stopped by police from different areas too.
    LB says volunteers haven’t raised this so have to be aware of their concerns. LB worried the ID might undermine the idea of creating a community.
    IC – been fairly forthright about this issue and as a point of principle important to be aware that far more likely to be hassled by police because of colour of skin. Should recognise that and be prepared to help and proactively offer that to volunteers.
    BK thinks all volunteers should be given unique code as it can’t be hacked. IK how can police be sure of number they are calling. IC said we started with letterhead CDT to gain trust. But LB says Landline calls to CDT aren’t directed anywhere.
    KJ says letter to put in wallet and show which SW agrees with.
    IK says if people are being harassed will be harassed either way.
    FK – deal with issue proactively
    SF – issue has complexity, no easy solution, agrees with IK in terms of paper identification being open to abuse – digital online evidence which may help. Agrees with people’s different experiences and doesn’t want to subject people to embarrassment as it is deeply unpleasant.
    KJ – not going to resolve on Zoom Call so agree a way forward, suggestion to ask IK to speak to local police team and take their advice. 2/3 volunteers to think of possible way of working things out going forward. BK, IC and IK to work together. LB wants CDT to be kept in loop if CDT logo is used. Verification through KJ and local council. IC will put a question in mutual aid admin group.
    Person Responsible: IC
  6. Legal Needs within Community – SF Generally legal concerns around domestic abuse, online safety, fraud, social distancing, elderly vulnerable people scamming, private renters, benefits, employment and immigration. Those with access to internet there is a lot of information but those who don’t, don’t have it.
    FK – virtual coffee mornings with SF and KJ to help with legal issues etc.
    IK agrees and says there are a lot of concerns raised and there are stressed people out there.
    KJ happy to do FB live coffee morning surgeries and legal signposting with Simon.
    EJ recommends leaflet drop with safety advice as a lot of people will be offline who are vulnerable.
    RS – noticeboard outside of exchange for people
    FA – newsletter distributers with Moseley Society who can help.
    KJ – translation on leaflets as we didn’t originally do that but will be more inclusive if we do that
    BK – ask volunteers to print leaflets themselves and distribute amongst their group.
    Person Responsible: SF
  7. Local Updates – Chemycare, working with Dev. FK did first delivery. Dev is very pleased. Dev is ringing people in the morning and asking those who need support and then coordinating with KJ – FK did first deliveries and will feedback to group of chemycare volunteers.
    SW – a lot of other groups have organised themselves by streets and print off the way BK said then report back to one central spreadsheet – that method of organising creates community outcomes as may not be so effective if it comes from central.
    IC – we have 8 sub areas and each have a coordinator – just cheap and fast to get it done by local labour delivery tree with distributors who can do it very quickly. But agrees not everything needs to be done through centre.
    FA – Labour group benefit is that they have experience
    SW – agrees and wants to also focus on community cohesion
    KJ – community driven structure is in place
    Person Responsible: KJ
  8. Volunteer & Coordinator Updates – working very well – 14 different coordinators across 8 areas each area has 2 – 3 cooridnators (only 3 areas have 1 coordiantor). LB does initial triage and then goes to coordinator. And then passes it on to volunteers to match up to neighbour. IK done feedback with volunteers and it has gone very well.
    Mailchimp went out, putting volunteers in and will get them all in over the next two days as getting consent and will be able to update volunteers and thank them. Also, coordinating with Balsall Heath.
    SW – are service delivery people able to communicate with one another or is it just coming from coordinators. IK said no and wants to set up mailchimp for this reason. IK says some volunteers in SW whatsapp group. SW says may be a good idea to put volunteers in a whatsapp group – IK volunteers have set up their own whatsapp group.
    SW wants volunteers to feel a bigger part of the group rather than “just a volunteer”.
    KJ volunteers come from other groups and do feel part of bigger group.
    BK agrees with SW and encourage people to set up own group.
    IK some people have come to us as embarrassed to ask their neighbours.
    KJ – thank volunteers
    BK – update count on website, coordinating with LB
    IC agrees with SW and arrange something so neighbours know they’re helping each other out. People print out cards and post out to neighbours about setting up a whatsapp group, part of MT, let’s connect.
    BK – Link to whatsapp group without giving number out and link with street groups
    KJ put out their road group on website and giving them information that other people around with whom they can link up with.
    IK to send BK a number every morning of people helped and KJ will update in afternoon for Chemycare.
    Person Responsible: IK, BK
  9. Ella Baker School Summary & Discussion – training was about useful approaches and spoke initially about priorities, immediate aids and rebuilding communities and discussed two models – what people needed and what help was available. Making whole community feel like active participant. The drama triangle, persecutor rescuer victim, take a charity approach puts participant in victim mode but healthy model takes it to everyone being involved and not making one person a rescuer or victim. Potential methods such as online coffee mornings, film and book clubs, sharing tips and activities. Scale of organisation – adv and disadv. Street wide or city wide. Focus on what we can positively do. Give people a space where they can talk and collectively help one another with certain issues.
    KJ says initial meeting we wanted to make sure any resident of Moseley felt like they could give any kind of support they wanted to give – people selfisolating may feel like they can’t contribute, how to make them feel like they can contribute.
    BK – those online can come on FB live and ask qs on the side for certain issues.
    SW – sharing expertise is very important and also moving away from expert and recipient framework but make a coffee morning where everyone is equal.
    IC – NHS shout out was great and another show of goodwill, great to build on
    IK – people on streets are communicating more and have shout-outs – getting more involved
    BK – those on their own communicating with them and showing them we’re here
    Person Responsible: SW
  10. Any other Business
    IC – is everyone okay
    KJ – if not we need to support each other
    Person Responsible: All

Action Items
1. BK to add search option on website
2. RS to coordinate with FA and categorise topics on website
3. KJ to send emails from BCC to FA
4. All to promote SM on private platforms
5. SW to send FK driving engagement link
6. LB to update team on funding pots available
7. All to push hand-wash videos amongst local community orgs
8. IK to discuss with police re: IDs
9. BK, IC and IK to work together to find solution for volunteer safeguarding re: IDs
10. IC to ask mutual aid admin group for advice re: IDs
11. LB to send BK daily update of people helped and volunteers

Next Meeting: TBC on Whatsapp

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