Looking After Our Mental Health

We’d like to echo Birmingham City Council in recognising that the Covid restrictions can be challenging, especially if you are apart from loved ones.

We encourage everyone to maintain social contacts in safe ways. Reaching out to each other by phone, email, letter, video call, or more closely in our allowed bubbles, is so important for our mental health, now more than ever.

If you, or someone you know are struggling during lockdown please do get in contact with one of the many support organisations, including Every Mind Matters, or for local support contact us at Moseley Together.

We’re grateful to a member of one of our local road’s WhatsApp groups for recommending this fantastic free eBook: “How to Stay calm in a Global Pandemic”, by Dr. Emma Hepburn, also known as “The Pscychology Mum”.

Having hobbies and interests can help our mental health, particularly when so many activities are unavailable during lockdown. You can see reminders of locally-based activities which are continuing in safe ways, here.

Please stay safe, and well! And do share our website with anyone who may like to receive this newsletter.

We hope the difficulties will gradually ease over the coming months, but in the meantime we must remain vigilant, and look after ourselves and each other. Together, we can get through this!