There has been a marked increase in litter in Cannon Hill and Highbury Parks, Windermere Fields and Moseley Bog, as well as in other places where people have been gathering. However volunteers are continuing to collect litter and also to water newly planted trees near their homes. The Friends of Windermere Fields have been doing both as they planted some hazels and fruit trees in February. They are also locking the gate to the Windermere Road car park each evening until the Council staff are able to return to normal duties.

The Friends of Moseley Bog are appealing to people to avoid the meadows because of the drought. “We want you to enjoy your visits to Moseley Bog, however the meadows are really suffering in this dry weather. You can help by avoiding sitting, picnicking or walking in the meadows. BBQs are not permitted.”

On Sunday morning 31 May Moseley Litterbusters collected up bags of litter from Moseley Car Park, one of the many sites that, judging from the number of ‘laughing gas’ capsules and balloons, had been used for a party. There are signs of drug use occurring in some new sites around Moseley – one sign is the small plastic deal-bags used to supply drugs. If you are concerned about drug-related activities in your area you can report this to the police via 101, or via the Live Chat on the West Midlands Police website here.

If you can, it is useful to make a note of vehicle registration numbers and descriptions of vehicles and people involved.

If you want to request a special street clean you can do so here.

This is the place on the Council website to report fly-tipping.