Food Bank Collections

Reminder that the need for donations to foodbanks continues and Izzy Knowles, Helen Harvey and the Moseley Exchange continue to be collection points for donations of Food, Baby items and Toiletries, but will no longer accept carrier bags or egg boxes.

  • 69, Greenhill Road, B13 9SU – anytime. (Ring bell or text Izzy on 07784 155208).
  • Moseley Exchange (behind Moseley Post Office) – 10am to 4pm Monday – Friday.

They will take donations to the local Foodbanks (Sparkhill and Cotteridge),  Anawim and the Brum Baby Bank.

There is a tub for contributions to the foodbank outside  34 Elizabeth Road, B13 8QJ from around 8.30am until 7.30pm daily. Here’s a message from Helen about what she is doing with the items collected at Elizabeth Road:

“The #FeedBirmingham project has finished for the summer as funding comes to an end.  Meanwhile there are many people nearby still clearly needing support and lots of small community hubs doing their best to help where they can.
Not far from Moseley is Stanhope Wellbeing Hub in Highgate Community Centre, Emily Street, B12.
This centre is run by a lady called Monica, who is very focused on making sure she and her team do their utmost to help the local community in need.
The centre itself is normally a busy place for community events such as book clubs, lunch clubs, dancing, yoga, ladies meetings, pensioners afternoons, gardening ( they have a little garden at the rear of the premises), etc. Currently the centre is closed except for the food bank which has been a lifeline to those unable to make ends meet for many different reasons.
We have decided to support Stanhope directly and any donations left at 34 Elizabeth Road will be taken to this centre on a weekly basis.
Thank you on behalf of #FeedBirmingham and TAWS for all your support over the last 4 months. We hope that if you can and would like to continue to support our collection here at Elizabeth Road, you will be happy with our decision on where to take it to.
Thank you and best regards
Helen and Ian Harvey”