Electrical Items

Our local electrical supplier Domestica “continues to be ‘open behind closed doors’ on 0121 449 2400 or repairs@domestica.co.uk to provide whatever service we can. We are trying our best to help customers self-repair their products over the phone and using facetime.
We are offering a ‘non-contact’ delivery service where products are dropped off at the doorstep. Certain appliances can be installed under specified conditions.
We are obviously prioritising NHS staff and any vulnerable customers.”

However if you need something that Domestica does not stock, you can try Denmans. After closing the shop in Kings Heath, the business moved to the Kings Norton Business Park.   Click here for information.  Ring or email first to find out if the item you need is in stock, then drive up and ring them and pay by card and they will bring the item out to you (while you watch the green woodpecker on the grass alongside their unit.)