Donations of PPE and washable facemasks

Thank you for your donations of PPE

From the Moseley Together Team we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who jumped to help with our plea for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our Moseley care homes.

We received donations of 62 boxes of gloves , including 50 brand new boxes (that’s 5000 gloves) from Patrick of Moseley Autocentre ; approx. 100 disposable face masks; approx. 60 disposable aprons, 7  x 500 ml bottles of hand sanitiser (6 from one person), 6 small pocket packs of sanitiser. One unused paint spray mask.

Supplies were delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday to the four care homes who needed them most.
One care home passed this message:  ‘Please thank all of your volunteers. You are a lifeline. I have put your note on the staff notice board as encouragement in everything that they are doing’.
Another said ‘Thank you so much for your kind support. We really appreciate your efforts supplying us gloves this morning’.
We have now been in contact with all 13 known care homes in Moseley and further supplies will be delivered next week to those who need them.

Not all of the homes look after the very elderly and a couple of them with younger residents have asked for washable face masks for the residents to use when going out for walks.  So, if you are handy with a needle and have a pattern, we need about 20, we can pass them on.

Still required are: disposable one piece zip up paper overalls, gowns or aprons with sleeves, eye goggles (the spectacle kind that wrap round the face – rather than the masks with elastic straps.)

Face Masks
f you have a pattern for making washable facemasks, please share it with us.

There are links to several unusual ideas on this page that was shared with us.  It looks to me as though it should have a ‘don’t try this at home’ warning attached, but it might make you all smile.