Coronavirus Vaccine – Information Videos

Are you concerned about taking the vaccine?

Birmingham City Council emphasises that vaccines reduce the spread of infectious diseases and even get rid of some altogether. Since they were introduced, serious conditions like polio and tetanus have become very rare in the UK, and other infections such as flu have generally milder effects with the yearly immunisation programme.

Our full information on the vaccine programme can be read here. However, misinformation and myths have been spreading fast on social media and in communities about the coronavirus vaccine, making many people hesitant about taking the vaccine.

Dr. Iram Sattar, GP and trustee of the Muslim Women’s Network UK’s (MWNUK), has explained why it is important for people to take the vaccine, and answered some of the questions people have in these information videos: Covid-19 Information Video – English (full); English (short); Urdu; Bengali (audio); and a short video “Now It’s Your Turn” (English).

And, for some lighter encouragement, here’s a link to the wonderfully musical Marsh family, singing “Have the New Jab” to the tune of “Hallelujah”!