Community Catalysts: Valuable Not Vulnerable!

Moseley Together has been in discussions with Community Catalysts to explore how Covid has challenged us individually and as a society.

Throughout the pandemic many people, particularly those who have been formally or informally shielding from society, have been labelled as “vulnerable”. We want to challenge the national focus on this “vulnerability” and on people’s “needs”. We think those narratives create a division in which the wide range of skills and strengths of millions of people are overlooked.

Moseley Together has always sought to engage with our communities as a whole, rather than splitting it between those who need help, and those who can give help; we believe each of us matches both those descriptions! The pandemic has surely highlighted how we all might frequently fluctuate between helping others, and needing support ourselves, often both at the same time!

If you’d like to join the conversation and pave a path to sharing stories and creating something unique to Moseley, contact Rhiannon: