Cloth Face Masks – updated 30.04.20

Latest update 30.04.20

Angela Riggall has resupplied the box of cloth face masks on sale in her front garden (or in her porch) at 117 Oxford Rd. B13 9SG. £3.00 each.

She says “Each one has a reinforced front panel. Natural fabrics, different sizes and designs.  I make to order if anyone wants anything specific.
I have refined my masks by sizing them (small, medium, large, extra-large).  Originally I just made random sizes, hoping people will find one that fits.”

All money raised sent directly to hungry people in Gambia. She will soon be adding some bedding plants to continue to raise funds for the people she supports.

Previous post on 24.04.20: 

Since the message was originally circulated (on 22.04.20) about the face masks, Angela Riggall reported that she has collected £200 for the people she supports in Gambia, and by that date all her current stock had been sold.

Angela says “I sent over some money this afternoon. If I send a man £20, they receive D1000 (dalasi).  As they have no real income it is a lot of money for them to receive. One told me today after I sent him the money ‘My heart is crying ’cause I am so overjoyed, I don’t know what to say…’  Also one of them is now going to start making masks himself as a small business.