Changes to bus timetables

Some bus services are changing again from the first bus service on Tuesday 14th April 2020.

From the 14th all buses will still be operating on the same routes as they do now, but the timings of buses will be revised on some services to make journeys quicker.

  • First buses will continue to leave at roughly the same time, but please check the service you use for exact timings.
  • Most last buses will not change.
  • On some routes, we are adding buses and making the service more frequent.
  • On some, we are reducing the frequency in line with customer demand.
  • Most routes will have buses arriving as often as they do at the moment, but with some tweaks to the times.

These changes are in response to customer feedback and the number of key workers travelling with us at the moment.
We have worked closely with Transport for West Midlands through the Bus Alliance to ensure that the bus network continues to provide the essential lifeline to our frontline workers in these difficult times.

Click here for details of timetable changes.  On that page you will also find a link to see the services planned on Easter Sunday and Monday.