Chamberlain Highbury Trust News

We’re delighted to announce that National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) have awarded Highbury’s Restoration project £5 million towards the renovation of Highbury Hall & Park. The project will bring Highbury back to its intended role for the benefit of Birmingham citizens, as a centre for the community and as a heritage attraction of national importance.Most importantly in this challenging time for Birmingham we see our plans for Highbury as an important step for the communities we serve. Our Highbury will be a place to inspire, educate and come together as a community.” Plans for the venue include:

  • For the site to become a centre for the community with cafe, events spaces and vibrant public programme.
  • An open access Youth programme focussed on inspiring a generation of politically-minded young people, equipping them with leadership skills for life.
  • A restored and improved heritage attraction that will tell the story of one of Birmingham’s most influential figures and the history of the city.
  • Provision of affordable working and meeting spaces for local small businesses.

“Whilst we are celebrating this milestone, our project still needs support from a number of stakeholders before necessary restoration work can start. We will keep you up to date on our progress and update you about all upcoming fundraising events. Though for the moment we want to celebrate both the work that has been done so far and give a huge (digital) round of applause to all the people who have got us this far: These include our trustees, past and present, fantastic project management team, Birmingham City Council and founding members of Chamberlain Highbury Trust.” Read more about events upcoming here.