Ceremony of Self: Thursday July 18th, 6pm at Moseley Hive

Through a series of workshops of creative play, dance, object-making and conversation, together we will create artistic rituals to support ourselves as we face personal and social periods of transition. We are inviting women of all ages, experiences and identities to join us in creative conversation to grow our communal resilience and explore the changes that are alive for each of us at this moment. This is a relaxed and welcoming environment for women to attend with friends or alone. Our artists and facilitators are on hand to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
– July – Ceremony of Cycles – Book tickets here.
This month we are going to be looking at cycles – elemental, bodily, mental, social & political. We’ll explore their rhythms, characteristics and what they ask of us.

Using a blend of discussion, meditation, visualisation, poetry and intuitive drawing we’ll make mind-body-map mandalas to support ourselves through moments of change.

This is an inclusive space for all female-identifying people; trans folk are welcome.

6:30pm – Arrive, grab a drink and mingle with us!

6:45pm – Workshop starts

8:30pm – Workshop ends

Artists & Facilitators: Flavia Bertram, theatre-maker and community facilitator