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Newspaper Deliveries

Following the sudden closure of Village News last autumn, many of us now have our papers delivered by the NewsTeam group , NewsTeam, Cauldon Lock, Shelton New Road, ST4 7AA 01782 959530 One of our members writes “There are several ways to order and pay. Vouchers can be posted to them. They send detailed bills monthly. If you sign up by phone, write down the account number they give you. If you send vouchers, I suggest you write your account number down the side of each page of vouchers, retain the outer cover with its contact information and write on it the start and end dates of the vouchers you have sent. The delivery charge for February was £11.20.”


Supporting and reassuring young children

Mindheart has published a short book to support and reassure children under the age of 7 about coronavirus. Covibook is available to download in 21 languages including English. Read the news story: #COVIBOOK Supporting and reassuring children around the world Read the book: Covibook (PDF)

CBBC Newsround have produced a range of resources, including videos and advice, for children and young people who might be worried about coronavirus. Click here to read

Rainbow in Windows to show hope and solidarity…not just for kids! Fun for families to spot on their once-a-day walks. Other window display ideas with a theme…can sculpt work ideas around these…plan your window, write out key words etc. Click here to read.


Police advice on protecting the public from coronavirus scammers

Please see the advice from West Midlands Police here on protecting the public from cruel coronavirus scammers.


Guthrie + Ghani

Guthrie & Ghani are still available on-line for anyone looking to spend time sewing.


Severn Trent

The Severn Trent website has a special page.
The company has also been Tweeting that they have had to deal with an increasing number of blocked drains caused by people using kitchen roll and wipes instead of toilet tissue.