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72nd Birthday Of The NHS

Don’t forget the chance to celebrate the 72nd birthday of the NHS on Sunday 5 July at 5pm.

We are invited to join our neighbours to celebrate. Click here for more information.

Maison Mayci

Remi says: “After long nights thinking on what to do next, we have decided not to reopen the café to eat in just yet, so just a little bit more wait to enjoy your Chicken Dijon. We will review the opening over the next couple of weeks and keep you posted.”

So shop-sales as usual for the time-being.

A Painted Room

“Are you looking for Chalk Paint? It is all about blending colours.”

Click on this link and if you want to order contact us at

Egg boxes no longer needed

TAWS (The Active Wellbeing Society) now has sufficient egg boxes. Thank you for collecting them when they were needed, but from now on please add them to your recycling collections or add the cardboard to your compost heap (having watched the Moseley in Bloom “Compost corner” films – see the latest newsletter from Moseley in Bloom).


Moseley in Bloom Newsletter – 02.07.20

The Moseley in Bloom Newsletter no. 12 is attached, with a report on the Virtual Open Gardens event.
Please send any horticultural or environmental stories or news to add to future newsletters, to Carol Miller