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Message from West Midlands Police

During this challenging time for communities, the offer of help and support from residents reaching out to the vulnerable in every area of the West Midlands has been truly heart-warming.
Keeping in touch with each other has become even more important during the Coronavirus Pandemic and we would like your help in building on that network.
Do you have groups of friends or neighbours that are using Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media to help vulnerable people in your neighbourhood?
The groups may also be sharing ideas of how to stay safe and providing useful information. These are just the people we are looking for!
We would like to be able to send them up to date local policing messages that they can share with their group members. This will enable us to reach out to many more people, all we need are a few details and we will do the rest. Details provided will not be shared and they will only be held on our Police systems.
Details required:
Name and type of Social media Group: e.g.  Clay Lane NHWatch on Facebook
Area Postcode:
How many members in group:
Administrator name:
Administrator email address:
Administrator Telephone number (optional)
Please ask local administrators to contact Sam O’Dell on the email address below if they would like to get involved.


Face Masks reduce the risk

New research from China and US indicates that micro-particles that could contain the COVID-19 virus travel further than first thought and we should, therefore, keep a greater distance and consider wearing face masks. Click here for more information.


Xover Nutrition

Xover Nutrition in Kings Heath are taking email and WhatsApp orders.
They are mainly focussing on fresh organic fruit and vegetables. It appears Xover Nutrition are currently fulfilling same day orders.
Xover’s email address is:
They can also be accessed via WhatsApp on: 07377550113.



“Do you recall Syd with his very French van that used to drive round our streets selling delicious French food and fabulous pastries… just like those at Maison Mayci?
He is doing a ‘Royal Meal dish of the day’ twice a week.” Click here for the website which has more details.


The Big Issue

Many of you will be regular purchasers of the Big Issue from one of the vendors usually outside The Co-op. There is a special appeal here which you can sign up to and help to support the vendors during the crisis.