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Hope Chapel

Hope Chapel, on the corner of Reddings and Alcester Road, is offering practical and spiritual support. Click here to see details.


Apple Phone app helps you focus on work

If you would like to spend more time working and less time with your Apple Phone you might want to investigate this app.  It costs £1.99 from the Apple Store and the idea is to help you focus on your work and not break off to look at your phone. If you use the App enough it results in real trees being planted.


Moseley Farmers’ Market

Moseley Farmers’ Market has issued this statement. “Due to current fast-moving events we have made the very difficult decision to cancel Moseley Farmers’ Market for the forthcoming months. We understand this decision will upset many people who wanted the opportunity to buy good quality food in the open air – but having taken into account all the risks associated with managing a volunteer led event, even with measures to try to keep people at safe distances and prevent queuing, we cannot guarantee a safe market. We will be working with the traders, some of whom are being hit very hard financially, to come up with ways we can support them – by promoting on line ordering, and setting up drop off and home delivery networks.
In the meantime thank you to everyone who has supported us and we hope to see you all when we re-open.”


Entertaining grandchildren at a distance

These would mostly work with video chats:

  • Take turns in having an expression (happy, sad, surprised, bored etc,) on your face and ask the other to guess what the expression is.
  • Ask the children to tell what food/toy/book/joke/teacher they like/hate/find funny etc.
  • What sounds different objects/animals/birds make.
  • Virtual stickers and gifts as prizes for best expression/joke/answer etc may be given.

We have also been sent instructions (attached) of how to make and play Evie’s game. What fun!


Transport update

Covid-19 Transport Update:  The frequency of train services has reduced and most bus operators have reduced the frequency of bus services.  More information is available here.

Travel card restrictions have been removed so that concessionary travel cards can now been used before 9.30am