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Birmingham City Council updates

Birmingham City Council’s  coronavirus advice website continues to be updated.  In addition, you can sign up to receive email updates.

If you click on the Affected Council Services you will see that one change is that all the tips (Lifford Lane, Tyseley etc) have been closed until further notice and all places in parks where the ability to stay 2m apart might be compromised have been closed.  Garden waste will still be collected but it will be mixed in with general waste in order to keep services reliable.

A message has been sent from Birmingham City Council (click to see the full text). The letter concerns “the impact COVID-19 is having on the economy. Birmingham City Council would like to ensure our residents are fully aware of all of the financial support which is being made available through the Government…….. We will issue a weekly update with details of any grants or relief which business can apply for with links to the relevant sources of information.” There are sections in today’s message for employees and the self-employed and about benefits and financial support.


Keep washing your hands – video

Make sure you keep washing your hands and help us make a video!
Could you help us make a little video to encourage people to wash their hands thoroughly?
We were inspired by this video by The Buffalo Skinners, released to promote their great new single, Washing My Hands.
Lovely folk that they are, they’ve given us permission to use their song for our soundtrack!
Make a film, following The Buffalo Skinners’ hand washing routine, and send it to us. We’ll include short clips from as many as we can to make our own video. Follow the instructions in our four graphics on this PDF. Thank you!


Trading Standards advice on being ‘scam aware’

Trading Standards are advising us to be aware of a number of coronavirus related scams.
Police have also been warning about scam messages, including:
“You have been out of your house 3 times today, you are in breach of Government Guidelines, your £30 fine will be automatically added to your bill”.
“We would like to inform you that you have been recorded as leaving your home on 3 occasions yesterday. A fine of £35 has been added to your account. For further information please visit Protect the NHS.”


West Midlands Police – WMNow

If you wish to receive email updates from West Midlands Police  you can sign up here.
The emails include updates on crime, local news, appeals and safety advice and are a mixture of details affecting your immediate neighbourhood (based on your postcode) and more general advice.


Moseley in Bloom Open Gardens

“In light of the Covid-19 situation, we have had to make the decision that Moseley in Bloom Open Gardens will not take place this year. It is extremely unlikely that the virus will be under control by the end of June and that mass people movement would therefore be safe again. But, even if it were, our current timetable of planning would involve visiting gardens, talking to owners and calling for volunteers during April, and that simply cannot happen. In times of uncertainty people need clarity and we hope that making the decision now will reduce peoples’ anxiety. This decision was actually made at the weekend, before the new lock-down measures announced yesterday. We are currently investigating other possibilities for some kind of garden event and will be in touch again when these ideas are more developed.
Best wishes, stay safe, and enjoy your gardening; Moseley gardens should look amazing this year!!
Kate Stocks, MiB Open Gardens”