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Moseley Hive is now wholly owned by the community!

From pop-up to permanent:  Moseley’s buzzing neighbourhood  Hive is now wholly owned by the community.

Moseley Community Development Trust (CDT) has bought an old shop on the high street to transform it into a permanent home for community activity.

93 Alcester Rd was previously a Pizza Express and before that WH Smiths.  “We’ve bought the building as a long term base for people-powered possibilities on Moseley high street”, said Lorna Brewster of Moseley CDT

The space is called The Moseley Hive and the CDT has already been running it: “We had borrowed it from the landlord under a meanwhile lease, and we are delighted that now they’ve agreed to sell it to us”, said Lorna.

“It’s our chance to help people take back the high street by adding community powered property to the mix. It means we can provide a platform for the wonderful ideas brimming in our part of Birmingham.”

“It becomes a permanent, welcoming heart to the community, breathing fresh life into the high street and making Moseley an even more vibrant place to live,” she added. “This will build on other community spaces, such as our own Moseley Exchange, the wonderful Moseley Park and Pool and the amazing award winning markets.”

Where local people once bought newspapers or ate pizza – the building has more recently been used for activities from drop-in English classes for people from Ukraine, Hong Kong, and Syria, breakdancing sessions, arts events, repair cafes and clothes swaps.  With the building owned by a local charity it will allow for even more possibilities and opportunities for people to come together.

Funds to buy the building were donated by a charitable trust which has asked to remain anonymous.  “When you let a community own and shape a space, you can’t guess what will happen. We’re excited to see what kind of possibilities The Hive will bring.”

You can come and celebrate this new opportunity for Moseley at The Moseley Hive, Wednesday May 17th between 5pm and 8pm.  “Come and have a nose and talk to us” said Lorna.

For more information about The Hive and upcoming community events, please visit The CDT is also seeking volunteers to help with events, marketing, and other aspects of community development.

Fundraising for Turkey & Syria

A lot of work has been done to support and aid people affected by the earthquake on the Turkish-Syrian border. Birmingham Central Mosque organised a ‘Collection for Turkey’ where they be collected items of clothing, sleeping equipment, toiletries and food. There has also been other fundraising successes such as bake sales.

If you want to do your part and raise money for the those affected by the earthquake you can do so on these websites below:


Queensbridge Toilet Controversy

Local public Secondary School, also my secondary school, Queensbridge have come under pressure from parents and carers for installing CCTV cameras in the unisex school toilets. A spokesperson for Queensbridge has reassured parents and students that the cameras will NOT cover the cubicles and instead be used for prevention of vandalism and anti-social behaviour. They have also said that cameras will not be monitored and will only be checked after damage is done. Furthermore, they have said that all footage will be deleted after 4 weeks. It has not been made clear if the cameras have been placed in all toilets but there is speculation that they have been placed in year 10 ones.

Editor – This week we have the lovely Cass from year 10 at Queensbridge School on his weekly stint of work experience. He is our guest editor so we can get a flavour of things that are important to him and the younger people of Moseley.


Changes to Marks and Spencers car park

The car park to the rear of M&S Moseley now has a time limit of 1hr with no return for 4 hours. This is a APNR camera controlled car park and enforcement is in operation at all times and £100 fines will be in operation! We know that is a lot of money so wanted to ensure residents are aware of the change.


Winter Crime prevention advice

Dark evenings can provide perfect cover for burglars who can easily spot an open window, see valuables through open curtains or blinds, or try their luck with an unlocked door.

Visit our darker nights webpage for more advice and tips on keeping safe

If you want to find out more advice on protecting your home, click here to play our interactive game, 27 Station Road, where you are the detective at the scene of a house burglary