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Some of us are lucky enough to have a garden and many people are deciding to clear a patch for veg. It’s probably too early to plant seedlings, but safe enough to grow from seed.  Rumour has it that some of the seed companies are overwhelmed by orders, so you may not get what you want or there may be delays.  We have spoken to an allotment holder who suggested that people might have spare packets of seeds, maybe left over from last year, but still in date.  We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, have spare seeds or intend to grow extra plants to pass on to friends or neighbours.   If you don’t have much space, grow vertically e.g. Runner beans, climbing French beans, broad beans and even some varieties of sweet corn do well. 


Get the best signal from your home internet

There is advice on the BBC website about how to get the best possible signal from your home internet


Supporting and reassuring young children

Mindheart has published a short book to support and reassure children under the age of 7 about coronavirus. Covibook is available to download in 21 languages including English. Read the news story: #COVIBOOK Supporting and reassuring children around the world Read the book: Covibook (PDF)

CBBC Newsround have produced a range of resources, including videos and advice, for children and young people who might be worried about coronavirus. Click here to read

Rainbow in Windows to show hope and solidarity…not just for kids! Fun for families to spot on their once-a-day walks. Other window display ideas with a theme…can sculpt work ideas around these…plan your window, write out key words etc. Click here to read.


Skype subtitles

Skype subtitles: Did you know that if you are calling someone with a hearing impairment you can enable subtitles? We found this advice “Subtitles can be enabled on a per-call basis, or for all calls. To enable subtitles for a specific Skype call, initiate the call or accept an incoming call. When the call connects, click the plus button at the bottom right and select ‘Turn subtitles on’ from the menu. This will enable subtitles for that call only.”


Hope Chapel

Hope Chapel, on the corner of Reddings and Alcester Road, is offering practical and spiritual support. Click here to see details.