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Threading Tales Together

Following on from the earlier Community Catalysts Valuable not Vulnerable project,  we are keen to capture the stories of those individuals who have been shielding, their families, friends and volunteers who have supported them. We are hoping for a cross section of ages and heritages. We are exploring themes of identity and life before Covid19 and the skills, personalities and experiences that have been contained away but make a person valuable.

The stories can be collected in various ways and are sculpted through a set of questions. These can be explored by email, pen and paper, letters, telephone, zooms, 1:1 walks. Children and families can take part, we also have volunteers and bilingual speakers to assist. This project is centred around an individual approach with the participants leading the way.

The themes and interests of the individual can then be offered to be explored through different creative mediums working with a host of artists that include a photographer, textile artists and poets. The individual can share in the creative process or choose not to.

Artwork and stories that are created will then form an exhibition that will begin at Moseley Road Baths and other locations across the Hall Green Constituency, including being part of Moseley Festival in July.

The project is funded and nurtured through Brum Recovery, Moseley Community Development Trust, Community Catalysts and Moseley Road Baths.

More information on the Threading Tales together project and how to take part:


Spring Blossom Watch

We wish everyone a safe, happy Easter weekend. While out and about in Moseley’s parks and streets, it’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy the many blossoming trees in the area.

To raise awareness, and enjoyment, of the importance of blossom, The National Trust has launched their second spring Blossom Watch campaign:

“Blossom is one of the first signs that spring is well and truly on the way, and is a welcome sight of colour after the frosty winter months. From the pinker hues to the cloudy white, these delicate blossoms are a joyful sight and a reminder that warmer days are on their way. Blossom is not only beautiful to look at, it also supports a variety of wildlife. Take a moment on your daily walk or run to look out for birds, butterflies or bees that might be attracted to blossom trees down your street. We’re asking you to share the beauty of blossom on social media. Upload pictures of your local blossom, tag the location of where it is and use #BlossomWatch to spread the joy of spring with others.”

More information on spring blossom and the Blossom Watch campaign can be seen here.


Kooth – Free Mental Health Support

Kooth is a digital service which provides free, safe and anonymous support and advice on mental health. Through a variety of features, it offers help to everyone: children, young people, adults, students, and employers. Find out more and join Kooth here.

Storytelling Session – How The Butterflies Came To Be

Join local storyteller, Sharon Carr, when she tells the First Nation story of How the Butterflies Came To Be – the Story of Joy.

“To create our own Joy, we would very much like you to either create your own Sack of Creation, using any materials like paper, cloth, etc or you could bring paper (size A4) and draw an animal, the Sun, a butterfly or whatever you wish to create, colour it in and on the day, fold it into a fan. Tie it in the middle and from that, we can create either a butterfly or bird. You can also bring a favourite object and we can add it to our Sack of Creation. Audience participation is expected and we will end our session with a massive Noise-Off so please bring your voices, musical instruments and any other noise-makers and let’s make Joyful Noise!”

This free interactive storytelling session will be held via Zoom tomorrow, Sunday 28th March 3pm to 4pm, and can be booked here.


Photography Workshop – Connecting Through Light

Join a free 4-week online guided workshop with local photographer Carolyn Carter to explore improving photographic technique in nature.

A collaboration with photographer Carolyn Carter, Highbury Orchard Community and Chamberlain Highbury Trust sees a series of themed 4 week tutorials guide you through how to use your phone or camera to capture nature photos and improve techniques.

The course will take place online through video and guided exploring on a Facebook group, which will encourage exploration of nature and Highbury Park, Moseley, Birmingham.

From the images collected a selection will be printed and exhibited at Chamberlain Highbury Trusts Sustainability Festival later in the summer.

The course can be explored at your leisure and new themes will be released each week. The Facebook group can be joined here.