Brum Rise Up, campaign and organising meeting: Saturday April 27th 10:30am

Birmingham and Midlands Institute, 9 Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BS

Birmingham People’s Assembly has been working hard over the last few weeks to pull together local campaigners from Libraries, SEND parents, Musicians, Actors and Youth Services to create a strong united group called Brum Rise Up – Communities Against Cuts. While these campaign groups will continue their essential independent actions, we also want to show a united front and tell Birmingham City Council and the Government that we do not accept these cuts and demand more funding.
The government’s own figures show that 50% of councils will be in financial distress by next year. This issue is not isolated to “bad councils” and needs managing before culture and services in more towns and cities across the country are decimated. Moving forward! We will be holding a campaign and organising meeting on Saturday 27th April, 10.30am -12pm, at the Birmingham and Midlands Institute. We will hear from a series of speakers before breaking into groups to plan our campaigns moving forward. Book your place here.