Birmingham’s Clean Air Journey

Air pollution has been declared a national health emergency and contributes to 1,000 deaths in Birmingham every year through conditions such as cancer, heart and lung disease.

In 2021, Birmingham will launch a Clean Air Zone which will charge the owners of high polluting vehicles to enter certain parts of the city.  This is different to a congestion charge (like London’s), which charges every vehicle to enter a designated area, the Clean Air Zone will only charge the most polluting vehicles.

The Brum Breathes team has designed a question and answer session to explain how the Clean Air Zone will operate, who is affected and the support available for residents, workers and businesses.

This is your chance to hear from the team leading the implementation of the Clean Air Zone and to find out how it may or may not affect you.  It is also a chance to ask any questions direct to the expert and to find out what support is available.

The People for Public Services Forum would like to invite you to its online meeting:
Tuesday 16th March 2021, 2pm – 3pm
Find out how to join in on the information sheet here.

You can check your vehicle, apply for exemption permits and find out more about financial incentives here.