Birmingham Freecycle group

Clearing attics, sheds and garages:
This is certainly on our list of things to do, but what to do with the stuff you want to get dispose of? As you may know, the tips are not open and those of us who belong to the Birmingham Freecycle group have received the following message:  “As of 25/03/2020, all posts made to the Birmingham Freecycle group will be moderated, effectively closing down regular activity. Existing posts on the group will be removed. These measures have been taken as encouraging contact between Freecycle users does not align with current government and public health advice. Freecycle is committed to reducing landfill waste but, at this point in time, we can do more good by doing nothing.”
Any suggestions? Maybe in a few months’ time we will have to organise group skips.  In the meantime, bag it up and put it all to one side.