Birmingham Emergency Transport Plan – view Moseley plans

The Moseley plans are now on the Birmingham City Council website.

You can view and comment on the temporary trial measures for Moseley shopping centre here. “Please note that this scheme is being delivered on a temporary trial basis for the next few months, with the potential for these measures to be made more permanent if this is something people want to see happen.”

The proposals for the Low Traffic Neighbourhood centred on School Road can be seen here.  “To start this process, we are proposing to introduce two temporary trial measures to demonstrate how this could work across the wider area. These will be modal filters that allow people on foot, bike or mobility scooter to pass but do not allow cars or other motor vehicles through.” These trial modal filters will be located on School Road, to the north of the junction with Greenhill Road and Greenend Road and on Cambridge Road, at the end by the roundabout and Cambridge Road Methodist Church.