Birmingham City Council Weekly Update – 11.09.20

The wide-ranging local and national Birmingham City Council Weekly update issued on Friday 11 September 2020 can be read here.
Included is the link to the City Council advice about the new restrictions announced in Birmingham to drive down the Covid-19 infection rate.

The most recent guidance from Government issued on Friday evening can be read here.

Government guidance for businesses is here.

Section 5 on page 6 includes guidance on how the ‘rule of 6’ applies to venues following Covid-19 secure guidelines. The City website also provides advice here.  This is kept updated as Government guidance changes – the most recent changes were made on 10 September.

Don’t forget that if you want to check you can see the infection rate for the city as a whole by putting in ‘Birmingham’ here.

And you can see the weekly rate for your postcode by using the map in the bottom right hand corner of this page here.