Becoming a Covid-19 Community Champion

If you sign up (which you can do here) you will be asked to circulate information, including the weekly Dashboard of information, such as the Dashboard for 3-9 October which you can read here.

At a recent Webinar Community Champions were told about:

  • An NHS progression dashboard showing the rate of triage for COVID-19, as well as the number of people confirmed by a lab to have COVID-19 by region and local authority can be found here. 
  • Daily updates on National and Local Authority statistics re: deaths and COVID-19 cases can be found here.
  • A series of graphical posters displaying information about the Local COVID Alert Levels can be found here.
  • ​Information on local COVID-19 alert levels, including what they mean, why they are being introduced and what the different levels are can be found here.
  • Advice to help protect people’s homes from COVID-19 can be found here.