Avoid Buying Fake Goods

West Midlands Police: Our high streets are now up and running with all our lovely shops but there are also sellers on the streets (as well as online) who will try to sell you goods which look like genuine items, such as boxed named brands, but you’ll be very disappointed when you open the box or use the item and it breaks within a short time. These goods are not the genuine products and although they look the same they often carry health risks when using them, and you won’t have any guarantee or be able to trace the seller when things go wrong. If you are approached by such persons selling these fake goods please report it, and don’t be tempted to buy the items. It costs companies and individuals money when such products flood the market.

More information on spotting and reporting counterfeit goods can be read on the Action Fraud website here. You can also contact Citizens Advice or the local Trading Standards office for advice.