Appreciating Moseley: A Year of Support

This week marks the anniversary of the start of the first national lockdown. It’s been a remarkable year, filled with unexpected difficulties, unwelcome restrictions, and much sadness. However, we’ve also seen local communities come together in wonderful ways, offering support, solace and enjoyment throughout all the changes.

At the start of the pandemic, Moseley Together was formed to help bring together everyone in Moseley when they needed support and information, and when they could offer help.

Over the last year, as well as all the immeasurable informal neighbourly support…

  • 403 people have volunteered to help through Moseley Together

Together in the last year we have:

  • Delivered over 1000 food parcels
  • Befriended over 40 isolated people
  • Supported 300 households with shopping
  • Collected and delivered over 100 prescriptions
  • Made over 300 facemasks and gowns for local care homes
  • Helped over 6000 people get vaccinated

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank and celebrate everyone for making Moseley such a wonderful community. The next stages of the pandemic may be uncertain, but Moseley’s community-spirit is strong and, together, we will navigate the difficulties and look forward to brighter times.